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A ‘Wee’ Bit Of Science

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A ‘Wee’ Bit Of Science
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What is wrong with us when we give a sample to our doctor? Samples taken by doctors or nurses are usually sent to a pathology laboratory to be analysed by a Biomedical Scientist. Biomedical Science is at the heart of healthcare and everyone will use the services of biomedical scientists more than once during their life.

Let’s look at ‘wee’ (urine). Why is urine so important? Have you ever had urine trouble? How can we test urine to diagnose diseases? With this workshop we will learn about the kidney, about kidney function and how it makes urine. You will get to see the amazing work that Biomedical Scientists and Pathologists do in hospital laboratories, investigating chemicals, micro-organisms and tissue damage within the body. You will even be provided with the opportunity to participate in kidney dissection, a process used to help diagnose diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Topics on the current key stage Biology syllabus will be covered, so it will be useful for teachers, pupils and parents.

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