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Dying to Talk Café

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Dying to Talk Café
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What is a Dying to Talk Cafe session?

A Dying to Talk café session is a safe space for people to come together and discuss all things death and dying related, whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee, and maybe a tasty treat or two as well. Dying to Talk Cafes are NOT support groups or bereavement counselling. Dying to Talk Cafes simply offer the opportunity for those that want to talk about death and dying, to do so. Dying to Talk Cafes are about people talking with other people in an attempt to demystify the taboo around death and dying.

Where do Dying to Talk Café session happen?

In comfortable environments and spaces that make having a conversation easy to happen. Dying to Talk Cafes happen in all countries around the world. In the UK the equivalent would be known as ‘Death Cafes’.

How long does a Dying To Talk Café session last?

Usually, sessions last for 2 hours. But the time flies once the conversation starts.

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