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Dynamic Dye-tracing at the Marble Arch Caves

Environment & Nature
Dynamic Dye-tracing at the Marble Arch Caves
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The Marble Arch Caves provide a glimpse into a fascinating, natural underworld of rivers, winding passages and chambers sculpted by geomorphic processes over many thousands of years. Join the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland and our Caves Team to hear about the hydrology of the caves whilst watching the Shru Croppa River turn an astonishing luminous shade of green!

Dye tracing is a method used by hydrogeologists to trace the flow of underground streams and rivers. Learn about the importance of dye tracing in the field of Geology and the various pieces of equipment used to carry out these exciting experiments. Find out more about the tracing experiments that have been carried out in the wonderfully wet County of Fermanagh.

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