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Eco-anxiety to Eco-action | NISF Sustainability Fair

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Eco-anxiety to Eco-action | NISF Sustainability Fair
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At this event, leading conservation charity, RSPB NI investigates eco-anxiety and what we can all do to make a little space for positive action in our lives.

Are you worried about the nature and climate crisis?

Are you concerned that the state of nature and the environment is going to impact your future?

Eco-anxiety is an increasing concern among Northern Ireland’s population, especially young people.

At this event RSPB NI outline what eco-anxiety is and how it is a natural response to the current environmental context.

There will be workshop activities on practical political, community, and environmental actions those experiencing eco-anxiety can take to build resilience and to combat climate and nature concerns in their everyday lives.

Part of the NI Sustainability Fair on Saturday 26 February in 2 Royal Avenue

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Environment & Nature

NISF Sustainability Fair (Belfast)

Sat 26 Feb 2022

2 Royal Avenue





NISF Sustainability Fair (Belfast)

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