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Tackling BAME Disparities in STEM Education

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Tackling BAME Disparities in STEM Education
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It’s no secret that the BAME community is drastically unrepresented in the STEM industry within Northern Ireland, and this is far from changing. Higher education institutions have a responsibility to encourage more BAME students into STEM subjects and shift this industry wide disparity.

Join representatives from The Open University, Queen’s University and Ulster University to discuss and hear the stories behind some of Northern Ireland’s STEM academics, that also represent the BAME community and are committed to instigating change. They will share their work and opinion on why they think this disparity is still so prevalent and discuss what can be done by higher education institutions to encourage more students from BAME groups to take up STEM subjects.

Join Clem Herman, Professor of Gender Technology at The Open University as she sits down with Moira Dean, Professor in Consumer Psychology and Food Security at Queen’s University, James Uhomoibhi, Lecturer in Engineering and Head of the Mixed Augment and Virtual Reality Research Laboratory at Ulster University and Osas Omoigiade, Associate Lecturer at The Open University and CEO and founder of Deep. Meta, diagnosing and predicting production defects in Metals.

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