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Talk & Print with Citizen Sea

Environment & Nature
Talk & Print with Citizen Sea
Talk & Print with Citizen Sea
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The Detrimental Impact of Microplastic Pollution on the Behaviour of the Common European Hermit Crab

Join Amy Mundye, marine biologist and ocean advocate to hear about her published research on the effect of microplastic on hermit crabs.

Microplastics pose a unique set of risks which influence not only the physical health but also the behaviour of marine species. The common European hermit crabs (Pagurus bernhardus) compete or 'rap' with each other for shells which is essential for their survival. Learn more about the impact microplastics have on these complex creatures and what we can do to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

We’ll also join Belfast Print Workshop Artist Linda Barbour for a marine themed screen printing taster, where you'll make your own eco print to take away!

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