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Understanding Volcanoes – or at least trying to!

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Understanding Volcanoes – or at least trying to!
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This talk will reflect on the wanderings of a geologist noting how our understanding of how the Earth works has changed in the time from when he went to university in 1966! But looking back further, how a man called James Hutton laid the foundations for our modern understanding, recognising that scientific thinking evolves and that we must remember that we “stand on the shoulders of giants”!

Earth science still has a strong observational aspect to it and this talk takes you on a personal journey around some wonderful parts of the world that illustrate the modern concept of Plate Tectonics, going from Iceland to New Zealand and Hawaii. These are great places to visit, particularly through the eyes of a geologist!

About Stuart Monro

Stuart Monro graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in geology at Aberdeen University in 1970 and has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. He is currently Deputy Chair of Court at St Andrews University, previously having been Vice-Convener and a member of Court at the University of Edinburgh and in the past, served on the Council of the Open University. He was the founding Scientific Director of Dynamic Earth, the first independent co-chair of the Scottish Science Advisory Council which advises Ministers on science policy and is an Honorary Professor in the School of Geoscience at the Edinburgh University. He was also formerly a Principal Geologist with the British Geological Survey.

Stuart was awarded an OBE for services to science, the Distinguished Service Award of the Geological Society, honorary doctorates from the Open University, Heriot-Watt University and University of Edinburgh and an honorary fellowship from the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. In the RSE, Stuart was convener of the Young People’s Committee and co-chair of the Public Engagement Advisory Group. He is currently a member of Council and the Nominations Committee.

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