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Underwater Robots! - Online Talk

Engineering & Robotics
Underwater Robots! - Online Talk
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Underwater robots are really important tools for all kinds of reasons - research for climate and environmental change, mapping and collecting samples. They can go places and do things that we just can’t manage on our own – deep water, under ice, and other challenging and hazardous environments. Getting access to these areas is vital to give us greater understanding about the way our oceans work. Following a series of recent successful research expeditions, we are bringing together a host of underwater robots from our collaborative partners from across the island of Ireland to show you first-hand some of the tools of the trade, and give you a chance to connect with researchers in this exciting area of marine science and robotics.

Join our research team in Portrush and live online to take part in a Remotely Operated Vehicle dive that will show you some of the hidden wonders of the underwater world.

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